A downloadable game

I got the game hosted a bit late, but I submitted the client-side game files here on time to prove that I finished my game in time. Our beloved raindrinker hosted my game for you all, it can be found at https://bromine.raindrinker.com/

My sincerest apologies as to not having things hosted immediately after the game jam ended. I submitted my game files prior to the end of the jam, to prove to you all that I did not improve it after the this event came to its conclusion. I would have hosted it earlier, but I was pressed for time, as people often are during game jams. I hope you will stay your vote until after you are able to play the game. Thank you!

Bromine, is, of course, the 35 element in the periodic table. In reality, it's some reddish smelly gas, but I found its name to be quite interesting. For this game jam, I drew inspiration from this element's name, but not the properties of the element itself, breaking the name into two pieces -- "Bro" and "Mine", and made a game in which your mine your "bros".

In this game, you are equipped with naught but a pickax, and are tasked with mining your similarly equipped kin.  Your pickax is several times larger than you are, and serves as your only mode of transportation. (I've been told this system of propulsion is also found in a game dubbed "Getting Over It".) If your pickax happens to collide with any of your unfortunate brethren, they immediately perish.

Like any good friend, you wish to cause your bros harm. In order to do so, you must fight not only them, but your unwieldy pickax. Properly manipulated, your pickax may propel you towards your bros... or your own untimely death.


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